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PC Booster


Main Features

  • Tunes up your PC in less than 2 minutes
  • CPU Stability Test increases your PC's stability
  • Removes unwanted files and cookies from your hard drive
  • Boosts your CD-Rom's speed for faster entertainment
  • Monitors your memory usage in real-time
  • Easy Windows Start Menu options
  • Reduces computer crashes
  • Money back Guarantee
  • Award winning software
  • One off fee $29.95


PC Booster provides the tools necessary for optimizing your computer's performance in some key areas. While it won't entirely make you forget your system's limitations, it can help you get the most from your current computer without you having to purchase new hardware or a completely new set-up.

One of the best tools in PC Booster's arsenal is its automatic tune up. With a few mouse clicks and about two minutes, PC Booster can adjust your system so that it's running like new again. That means you'll be having less crashes and better speed than before. Another way to keep your system running well is ensuring that its stable. The CPU stability test is another of PC Booster's features. By running the test, you can make sure that your computer has no stability problems which might interfere with its ability to run properly.

Overall Rating
PC Optimizer Pro


Main Features

  • Fixes registry to prevent crashes and errors
  • Makes backups before changes so you can easily restore if something important gets deleted
  • Stop spyware applications before they invade your privacy
  • Lets you easily delete chat logs and navigation tracks
  • Provides free upgrades for the life of the product
  • Maintains your computer for continued optimized performance
  • Money back Guarantee
  • One off fee $29.95

PC Optimizer Pro is one of the most well-reviewed optimizer programs on the market and with good reason: it's also one of the best. For starters, it's one of the only programs available that offers free updates for life. That means even if you bought the product today, you'd still be able to update to the newest version five years down the road at no extra cost. That's definitely a plus. Also, buyers receive free technical support via email for the life of the product – another important benefit.

Unlike other optimizers, PC Optimizer Pro focuses on improving your system's stability and performance by getting to the root of the problem: your registry. With the software, you'll be able to fix invalid registry entries and get rid of orphaned references which usually lead to the errors and crashes we're all too familiar with. PC Optimizer Pro also compacts your registry to get rid of the gaps between the entries.

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PAL Internet Speed Booster


Main Features

  • Comes with free life-time technical support
  • Promises speed increases of 375%
  • it easy for even novice users to kick-start their Internet speeds
  • Works with all Windows platforms, except Vista
  • Email technical support
  • Works with all ISPs, including AOL
  • Lets you adjust the settings to maximize your speed depending on your activities, such as browsing, gaming, or downloading
  • One off fee $19.95


Does it seem like your internet connection is always slow? Have you ever wondered if there is a way to increase the speed of your computer while surfing the online? Get the boost your computer needs with Speed Booster.

PAL Internet Speed Booster can increase if the speed you surf online by over 375%! Think about how much more you will be able to accomplish online with the increased speed you will experience by running Speed Booster on your PC.

PAL Internet Speed Booster is guaranteed to work with all types of internet connections. This includes dial-up, DSL, T1 and Lan connections. PAL Internet Speed Booster also works will all internet service providers including AOL, Earthlink, MSN and all other ISPs.
Overall Rating


Main Features

  • Runs as a RAM optimizer in the background
  • Speeds up application load times
  • Increases Internet connection speeds
  • Makes turning on and shutting down your computer faster
  • Reduces errors and crashes on your system
  • Comes with a 60-day guarantee
  • One off fee $29.95


It’s time to speed up your computer, prevent crashes, optimize RAM and stop memory loss with MemAgent! This program will increase your computer’s speed and stability with only a few clicks of your mouse.

MemAgent has been professionally developed and has been written to be extremely efficient on your PC. It quietly carries out it’s duties and functions in the background of your PC, carrying our important tasks and procedures to save memory use.

By using MemAgent you will maximize your computers available memory, causing your PC to run like a well-oiled machine. You will complete complicated tasks with ease and you will no longer experience headaches related to freezing and unexpected shutdowns.

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