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XoftSpy SE

XSoftSpy SE Review

Main Features

  • Provides all-in-one protection from a variety of threats, including spyware and Trojan Horses
  • Eliminates hijacker programs that take over your system
  • Keeps pop-ups away from you
  • Protects your privacy and minimizes your risk of identity theft through your computer
  • Provides 24/7 customer service for questions and technical support
  • One off fee $39.95



XoftSpy Se is a comprehensive tool meant to help you eliminate the risks to your system posed by a large number of threats, including spyware, hijackers, adware, malware, keyloggers, worms, Trojan horses, and more. While many programs on the market in this category promise to protect your system from one or two of these problems, XoftSpy SE is one of the few which do everything.

Like many similar programs, XoftSpy SE provides both scanning and removal features. The scanning is one of the quickest available. Most users report that a full scan can be completed in approximately five minutes or less. After you get your results, the program makes removing the offending programs easy for both novice and advanced users. Even viruses can be spotted and removed through this program which means instead of using two or three different programs to protect your system you'll be able to get the job done with just one.

However, XoftSpy SE does more than that. It also prevents pop-ups – one of the most annoying parts of browsing the Internet. Additionally, the software will clean your registry and optimize your system which means you'll have fewer programs running in the background and doing scheduled maintenance on your computer. That leaves you more time for enjoying it without having to worry about the dangers that threaten its security and yours.

One drawback to XoftSpy SE is that it does not offer any real-time protection as many similar anti-spyware programs on the market today do. Considering the wealth of other benefits and features, this seems like a minor complaint. Additionally, some users say XoftSpy SE detected legitimate files and labeled them as spyware or viruses. This is a common problem with all anti-spyware programs to some degree. That's why XoftSpy SE provides the free removal guide to help customers understand which files need to do and which should stay.

Overall, if you're looking for one program to provide all of the protection your system needs, then XoftSpy SE is worth checking out.


Overall Rating





"Never have I received such prompt service from a company... I have actually referred several people to your website. Where they went from there I have no idea but I can tell a good product when I see one. Now I have excellent service to recommend to them as well. Thank you again for such prompt and courteous service."
J. Bryant

I recommend this product. Fast, scanned and detected files that three other applications on my computer couldn't! I had an experience with their customer service that was the best I have had in ages.. This product worked when others failed!”

Staci J
".. I ran your program one time ... it rounded up every thing in my computer that caused a pop-up or reported my address and exposed it for the kill. All I did was hit the "delete" button and it was all gone. I could not believe the progress that just one running of the program did ... it borders on a miracle ... no pop-ups, no nothing but clear sailing on the internet. I run it now once a week and it keeps my computer clean of any potential spyware problems. Just want to say, "Thanks" ... great product and well worth the investment."
D. Spencer
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