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XP Repair Pro

XP Repair Pro

Main Features

  • Main Features

    • Fully Windows Vista ready
    • Free scan before you buy
    • Easy to use
    • Powerfull system optimizer
    • Automatic or manual
    • Manage Start up programs
    • 24/7 technical support
    • Money back Guarantee
    • Multi award winning software company
    • New Low one off fee $29.95



XP Repair Pro provides a nice bundle of features as far as registry repairers go. Among those features is the fact that it looks at the eight most important areas of your registry, including your shared files and unwanted startup entries. Problems in these eight areas are the likely culprits of slowdown so being able to scan them with a single tool is a big plus. Additionally, XP Repair Pro goes deep into your registry to look for problems other registry tools might miss. For example, the software will identify files left behind by software you've removed from your system and will direct you to shortcuts that are no longer in use.

The user interface is fairly simplistic as well – a definite plus for less experienced users. The program can be minimized into the System Tray so it is unobtrusive even during a system scan. Of course, the speed of XP Repair Pro's scan means you won't have to worry about the scanning getting in the way for very long anyway. Most users report finished deep scans in less than four minutes! That's good time for a registry scan.

But what happens after the scan? XP Repair Pro also allows users to easily and safely repair any problems identified during the scan. This means users no longer have to worry about mistakenly deleting an important registry file. The program will backup files that are being deleted so if a problem does arise it can be quickly corrected. You can also make the repair feature automated so your entire registry can be scanned and repaired even if you're busy doing something else.

For users who do choose to use the automated repair feature, they may also want to take advantage of the Ignore option which allows them to mark certain registry files so they will be ignored during scans – that's another way for you to prevent problems from arising when you make registry changes. You can also mark files in the results list so they won't be removed during the registry repair.

XP Repair Pro also includes other features to optimize your system, such as boot file defragmentation and Windows registry compaction.

In the end, XP Repair Pro is a solid registry repair tool that offers deep, fast scanning and fixing of your registry. It's easy to use and does what it promises.

Overall Rating


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User friendly welcome screen is very clear and simple. Backups are created every time you scan the system so you can restore easily at any time.
See the progress as XP Repair pro sets to work. Built in optimizer lets you get your Computer running at its full potential
Once completed you are able to veiw all the errors and decide which to fix, or just allow Xp Repair Pro to fix it all automatically The results screen lets you see how Xp Repair Pro has cleaned and restored your PC to its optimal state

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