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Spyware Nuker

SpyWareNuker Review

Main Features

  • Provides regularly updated protection from spyware
  • Allows you to scan your system quickly or deeply depending on your needs
  • Lets you scan the parts of your system you feel are most vulnerable
  • Offers real-time protection from spyware
  • Provides spyware protection for more than 8 million users
  • One off Fee: $39.95



Spyware Nuker doesn't claim to do everything on your system, but it does focus on doing one thing very well: protecting your computer from spyware. The newest version of the anti-spyware program is proof of this.

There are really four main reasons why Spyware Nuker is one of the best anti-spyware programs on the market. First, it has an easy to use interface that makes it simple for any user to run a scan and to remove offending files from the system. You simply choose which parts of your computer to scan, hit the “Scan” button, and the program does the rest. You can also choose between a deep and a quick scan.

A second feature in Spyware Nuker is active protection. Basically, the program runs in the background and warns you if anything suspicious tries to start. This real-time protection can keep spyware off your computer.

A third feature is known as SpyShield. With SpyShield, other Spyware Nuker users work together to keep the spyware database up-to-date by reporting spyware they find on their computers. This means you have a global network of computer users working day and night to keep your system safe and protected from even the newest spyware threats.

Finally, Spyware Nuker's startup manager allows users to see exactly what programs are starting up with their system. Since most spyware does this and keeps running in the background, the startup manager can help users have better control over their systems.

Of course, there is plenty of competition in the anti-spyware market but Spyware Nuker does stack up well against all of the other available programs. It's library of definitions is updated regularly and has already been used successfully by more than 8 million users.

The bottom line is if you need anti-spyware protection (and who doesn't?), then Spyware Nuker is definitely worth trying.


Overall Rating




"Thank you so much for the spyware nuker, it helped so much! We really apriciate it. Let your people know that you have got one happy customer out here and you did a good job. Have a great year, be good to all, take care.Spyware Nuker's interface is both intuitive and quite attractive, offering several scan modes and allowing you to choose what areas of your PC the program should scour. In our tests, scans were speedy, and the app detected the lion's share of the adware we installed on our machine!"

"I just want to "Thank you" somuch for your help...I'm so relieved to be rid of all those problems with my computer! I'm enjoying my computer again! You should be given honorable recognition for helping stop all those "computer creeps" out there that are makingourcomputer lives miserable!
BLESS YOU, sincerely",

"Thank you very much for the registeration key. It worked great, and I am amazed at the increase in the speed or the computer after getting all of the garbageout of the system. Thanks again.."
Tom B
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