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SpyOnThis Review

Main Features

  • Offers three types of scanning – quick, deep, and custom
  • Stops spyware from being installed on your system
  • Scans for spyware, dialers, adware, hijackers, and other types of malware
  • Lets you customize your scanning settings to fit your needs
  • One off Fee: $39.95



SpyOnThis is an anti-spyware program like many others on the market. However, it does include a few features that help it stand out from the crowd of competitors. One of those features is simply its scanning capabilities. While almost all anti-spyware programs give you the ability to scan your system, SpyOnThis provides an easy-to-use interface that makes finding spyware problems easy for users with any level of experience. Plus, their scanning feature isn't just looking for spyware, it also detects adware, dialers, hijackers, and other types of malware.

The Spyware Monitor is another important feature of SpyOnThis. The program runs in the background unobtrusively so it won't get in the way of your other activities. However, if anything attempts to install spyware or take any other malicious action against your system, then you are immediately notified and can stop those actions in their tracks. That means with SpyOnThis you'll be able to not only find spyware but prevent it from getting on your system at all.

A similar feature is PC Immunization. Unlike Spyware Monitor which alerts you to spyware trying to be installed on your system, PC Immunization stops it from even being installed. By placing false entries in your system's registry, PC Immunization makes it impossible for spyware and other types of malware to install on your system. Few anti-spyware programs offer this type of ultimate protection against the most common spyware.

Additional features, such as Live Update which allows you to connect instantly to the SpyOnThis page to download definition updates and customizable options which let you decide when your system is scanned and which types of scans should be performed, round out the package nicely.

SpyOnThis provides fast scanning (usually less than 5 minutes) and other features which can help you worry less about spyware and similar problems. Many users have found great success with SpyOnThis in the past, and it continues to be a popular choice. Although the competition in the market is fierce, SpyOnThis does provide enough features and benefits to help it stand out and to make it worthy of a try on your computer.

Overall Rating




"A HUGE thank you for all your help with fixing our hijacked IE problem! IT WORKED!
Your support has been superb! Finally, someone who cares about their customers and NOT JUST their wonderful product! We have made numerous attempts to solve this problem with other products before we found SpyOnThis and, of course, failed. We will be telling all our friends about it!

Many thanks,...all the best,"
Tim and Theresa Heywood

"I just wanted to compliment you folks on a great product! This thing cleaned my computer right up! VERY HAPPY! You may have saved my CPU from being thrown through my office window."

Michael S
"The software is excellent and has helped me remove loads of spyware from pc.."
Hugh Grehan
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