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Registry Fix

Registry Fix Review

Main Features

  • Free scan before you buy
  • Easy to use control panel
  • Comprehensive registry scan and fix
  • Start up program manager
  • Email technical support
  • Money back Guarantee
  • Browser helper object manager
  • Full registry backup utility
  • One off fee $37




Registry Fix may not be the most well-know registry repairer, but it does provide a good bundle of features that will help you keep your computer running efficiently. The software developers devoted significant effort to discovering the specific locations where invalid registry entries were most likely to occur, then they developed Registry Fix to seek out those locations and to look for potential error-causing problems, including errors involving ActiveX controls, DLL, Internet Explorer, and Outlook.

The Registry Fix program looks for missing help files, startup programs, DLL files, even system fonts because these missing files are one of the main culprits of errors, slowdown, and computer crashes. The software also identifies application paths which no longer work so they can be repaired.

Because the interface is easy to use, Registry Fix is accessible to users of almost any experience level. With just a few clicks of the mouse, they can not only be scanning their registry for these problems but also safely repairing them.

While Registry Fix is a good registry repairer, it also includes a number of other useful features. For example, the tool includes a startup program manager which allows you to easily choose which programs on your computer will start with your system. Remember if you have too many programs starting right away, you'll be sapping your system's resources and slowing everything down. Registry Fix also includes a registry backup utility that lets you easily keep track of those backups so you can access them when they are needed most.

Registry Fix generally gets high marks for its software; however, some users have voiced concerns about the program's customer support. With the exception of reaction times some users have felt were a little slow, Registry Fix provides many of the features users need and want when it comes to scanning and repairing their computer's registry.


Overall Rating


Screen Shots (Click to enlarge)



Clearly laid out welcome screen Details of all the errors found allows you to choose which to fix or ignore
See your scan progress Browser Helper objects manager
Scan is complete Manage Startup allows you to select which programs will open when you start your computer
"We have been struggling with our studio computer for three days to correct registry errors. Norton utilities reported no errors but our guru said we had many preventing us from reinstalling some programs. Finally got your program and WOW!  It found and fixed 365 registry errors and several other errors Norton didn't find. Rebooted and suddenly our system jumped through hoops. Incredible!  I highly recommend your program and have done so to all my associates. Thanks for a great product.
-John Salis

"Wow!!! Have just completed downloading and using your software, am amazed at results! 606 Faults were found, have only had computer 6 months, so i was not expecting such a high number. Computer is running much much faster now. Thanks again."
- Timothy Sapowitz
"I just wanted to let ya'll know that your program is GREAT. I have had my computer for less than 6 months and there were 779 problems found. WOW!!!!! Great going and keep it up."
- Matt Jorgunson
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