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PAL Internet Speed Booster

Internet Speed Booster Review

Main Features

  • Comes with free life-time technical support
  • Promises speed increases of 375%
  • it easy for even novice users to kick-start their Internet speeds
  • Works with all Windows platforms, except Vista
  • Email technical support
  • Works with all ISPs, including AOL
  • Lets you adjust the settings to maximize your speed depending on your activities, such as browsing, gaming, or downloading
  • One off fee $19.95



Internet Speed Booster, unlike other system optimizers, is designed to increase the speed of your Internet use only. The software doesn't promise to clean your registry, help you manage your Windows startup menus, or anything like that. If you're interested in just increasing the speed with which you can browse the web, then Internet Speed Booster may be the program you're looking for.

To use Internet Speed Booster, you simply download the software and install it on your computer. You'll also have to adjust the settings to match your style of Internet browsing – this is the key to boosting your speed. Basically, the program is easy to use even for novices.

Another benefit is that Internet Speed Booster doesn't just work with some types of Internet connections. In fact, Internet Speed Booster works with all types of connections, including both dial-up and high-speed (DSL, cable, etc.). The software also works regardless of who you use as an Internet Service Provider (ISP). Essentially, no matter how you are connecting to the Internet, you can use Internet Speed Booster to do it faster.

Internet Speed Booster also works on most Windows platforms, including XP, but does not currently support Vista. Additionally, Internet Speed Booster comes with free technical support and is covered by a 30-day money back guarantee. Those are two important benefits of choosing Internet Speed Booster.

On the down side, PAL promises speed increases of up to 375% but some users report being disappointed with their actual increases. Of course, this could be a result of how they tweaked their settings but it's also why the company offers a guarantee. Others claim the product isn't really necessary on high-speed connections and that it works best for computer users still relying on a dial-up connection. In most cases, the speed improvements are probably most noticeable with dial-up connections.

Overall, Internet Speed Booster is an option worth considering, particularly if you use a dial-up connection and want to get faster speeds without switching to more expensive high-speed Internet. The price is affordable, and the results you get may be worth the investment.


Overall Rating

"...delivers as it promises."
PC Utilities
"Amazing! just doubled my download speed!"
PC Plus
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