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MemAgent Review

Main Features

  • Runs as a RAM optimizer in the background
  • Speeds up application load times
  • Increases Internet connection speeds
  • Makes turning on and shutting down your computer faster
  • Reduces errors and crashes on your system
  • Comes with a 60-day guarantee
  • One off fee $29.95



MemAgent is a system optimizer that focuses on helping you get the most out of your computer's memory. What generally happens as you use your computer is that your RAM becomes cluttered by old files that aren't needed anymore. As a result, your existing programs may not be able to find the files they need and may not have enough RAM left to perform as necessary. When you start reaching this point, your system is going to start slowing down and, eventually, you'll be bombarded with computer crashes and error messages.

MemAgent is designed to prevent those problems from occurring. It works in the background of your computer to remove all of the old, unused files from your RAM so free space is available for your newer applications. Because MemAgent is a small program, it doesn't take up much of that RAM either.

One of the great benefits of MemAgent is that it is easy to use. While experienced users may be able to tweak their systems and make their RAM usage more efficient on their own, its the novice users who typically need the most assistance in this area. MemAgent can be installed and set up in less than 10 minutes by any user. Then – because it works in the background – the user doesn't have to do anything else.

MemAgent's constant RAM cleaning ends up making applications load faster because the stored files and information can be accessed by the software much faster. It also means that your computer will start and shut down faster for the same reason. The program can also help boost the speed of your Internet connection.

MemAgent users seem satisfied with the software's results. However, the company does provide a 60-day money back guarantee. It also works on all Windows platforms, except for Vista. That means the majority of Windows users can benefit from MemAgent.

Overall, MemAgent's method of improving system performance by cleaning up the RAM seems to work well and is worth a try for users who want better Internet speeds, faster application loading times, and fewer computer errors and crashes.


Overall Rating

"My PC had a problem that whenever I left it on for a period of time and then went away, all the drivers, like the soundcard, network card, etc, would shut down or become disabled. This was so frustrating! However after running Memagent, this problem no longer occurs. Not to mention that my PC now runs much faster and more smoothly. Thank you so much for developing such an intelligent piece of software!"
- Jordan Matthews, Amarillo, California

"I have an older computer that was getting slower and slower the older it got. Even with software that used to run perfectly fine on it. I'm so glad I came across your Memagent program, because now it runs as well as it used to. I couldn't believe how much crap was going on with my computer. I recommend Memagent to everyone!"
- Jason TisdellChicago, Illinois,
"My computer was running ridiculously poorly. No other software that I tried to install to fix things seemed to work. Until I came across Memagent. It was amazing! At long last no more errors where a blue screen pops up with random error numbers on the screen. And the programs all run so much better, thank you."Ronald D. McVeigh
Sarah McIntosh, Bath,England
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