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Error Killer

ErrorKiller Review

Main Features

  • Free scan before you buy
  • Backup application
  • Suitable all levels of computer knowledge
  • Simple control panel
  • Registry scan and fix
  • Start up program manager
  • Technical support
  • Money back Guarantee
  • One off fee $19.95




ErrorKiller is a sleek, easy-to-use registry repair software that provides detailed scanning, repair, and additional features in one package. One of the best features is the ability to choose what you want to scan for. For example, you can choose a complete scan or you can pick from any of thirteen other options, including checking registry integrity, shared program files, and help files. After you've made your choices, a quick click of the mouse starts the scan.

Like most registry repairers, ErrorKiller will identify invalid shortcuts, missing Windows fonts, and invalid file associations – some of the most common registry problems which can lead to computer crashes and error messages.

One of the advantages of ErrorKiller is its speed. Scanning can be completed in minutes and repairing those identified errors can be done in just seconds. Most users are also very satisfied with the number of errors found and fixed in their registry thanks to ErrorKiller.

However, ErrorKiller provides more than just registry repair. Among its other features are a startup manager which lets you choose which programs run when you start your computer. This can be a good way to stop a loss of your system's resources and to make start up go a lot faster. You can also easily create registry backups and restore old registries. This feature is important since deleting the wrong registry file can cause problems with programs and your computer.

While ErrorKiller does what it promises, there are a couple of weaknesses. One weakness is that it doesn't provide any features you won't find in comparable registry repairers. Even the additional features are common among similar tools. Another weakness reported by some users is that a few important registry files have been deleted when ErrorKiller does repairs. This does happen occasionally with any registry repairer – although it's still safer than making the repairs on your own – and that's why making backup files of your registry is an excellent idea, no matter which software you choose.

Basically, ErrorKiller is a solid registry repairer even though it doesn't do anything that really sets it apart from the pack. It provides quality scanning and repairing, plus a few extra features which most users will find useful.


Overall Rating


Screen Shots (Click to enlarge)


Error Killer main Screen


Easy to use welcome screen lets you get going straight away Error Killer Screens/Error Killer Scan Details Scheduler lets you automatically set scans depending on your requirements.
Error Killer Scanning As the scan is under way you can watch the progress and see all the registry entries as they are examined Error Killer Restore from Backup Manage Start up screen lets you select which programs you really want to start with your computer and which you dont!
Error Killer Scan Complete Scan complete you now have the option to select what to work on or just let the software do all the work automatically Error Killer Browser Helper Objects Manager The results screen lets you see how RegCure has cleaned and restored your PC to its optimal state
Not only is my computer running faster, but I’m able to surf the Web faster too. I never realized that there were so many problems with my PC until I ran your software. Thanks for fixing it! You saved me a bundle in technician fees
-Ryan, Wyoming

My computer kept crashing so I thought it was a virus, but Norton wasn’t able to find anything. I ran your software and it found over 300 errors. After running your software, the problems were corrected and my computer was no longer crashing. Thank you for saving me a lot of aggravation and expense.
-Jodi, Texas
I never knew how poorly my computer was running until I ran your free scan utility. After using your software, my computer has stopped crashing and is running at least 10 times faster than it was previously. Thank you so much!
-Crystal, Georgia
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